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Expenses for a funeral service vary according to the choices made. It is important that we have the opportunity of meeting personally with you so that we can ascertain your needs and provide you with an estimate of the costs. It is important to us that we can meet your needs within your budget and that you are fully informed before making a commitment to the services you require.

The costs incurred will include the following:

1. Funeral Director's charges
Australian Federation Funeral Directors Professional Service Fee includes the tasks and services involved in arranging and conducting a funeral service, including transfer of the deceased into care (additional fee for after hours transfer), special preparation of the deceased person, provision of hearse and staff on day of funeral service.

2. A Coffin or Casket as selected
We have a range of coffins and caskets for you to choose from that cater to budget and personal choice. The cost of a coffin/casket depends entirely on the construction/ type, quality, finish and style that your family decides upon.

3. Expenses paid on your behalf for the funeral service including

Many of these are fixed prices but some are optional depending on your needs and requirements.

4. Additional service offerings
Upon request we offer a range of additional funeral care options and services to help celebrate a life, including:

5. Goods and Services Tax
All costs are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) where applicable.

Prior to the service taking place we will confirm the actual costs of the choices you make. The final account will normally be sent to you and we will offer a discount for accounts settled prior to the service taking place. Accounts can also be provided prior to the service for presentation to the bank of the deceased person for direct payment from their bank account.


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